Preparing your Android Device For the Digital Apocalypse

In a prolonged ‘no-Internet’ situation, devices running Android are very versatile and offline-friendly. This article will show you how to archive third party apps for later installation onto Android devices while offline. Why archive these applications instead of just installing them on the device and using it offline, as-is? You may run into a situation… Continue reading Preparing your Android Device For the Digital Apocalypse

Thoughts on E Ink Book Readers

We rely on the Internet for education, communication and entertainment, among other things. Because many conceivable ‘no Internet’ scenarios also involve limited access to electricity, e-ink book readers and tablets are a great tool for delivering educational and entertaining content in a small, low power package. In this post I’ll primarily focus on Kindles as they are the devices with which I have the most experience although in the future I will do write ups on a few of the other E Ink devices I’ve used over the years.

Installing and Configuring Mattermost

Mattermost is a collaboration platform focused on project management and workflow orchestration. While these features may not be applicable to many of the situations for which Internet from Scratch is planning, the basic text communication and filesharing functionality certainly is.

Managing your Hardware Assets

When preparing for the digital apocalypse, it is important to know the capabilities and limitations of your hardware and software. Remember, the point of the exercise is to be prepared for a no or limited Internet situation.

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