NAS Movie Club

The No Agenda Social Movie Club meets every week on to pick a movie for Friday night. We then discuss it over the weekend. #nasmovieclub


How do I watch the movies? The podcast feed for the NAS Movie Club is – you will have to add it to your podcast player manually as I will not be submitting the feed to any podcast aggregation services like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. This is for obvious reasons. For instructions on how to manually add a podcast feed by URL to your particular podcast app… Google it or ask for assistance on No Agenda Social. Use #NASmovieClub and I will likely see your plea for help.

Are there other ways to watch? YES! I encourage you to watch the movie from any other available source as I’m running my server in-house and it will really be hit hard whenever an episode is released. When the movie is chosen and announced, the services that have the movie available to watch will be listed in the toot.

Will the movies take up a lot of space on my device? YES! I will make the movies available in as high a resolution as I can, up to 1080p. They will often take up more than a gigabyte on your device. If this is a concern, look for the movie on other streaming services to which you may have access.

How are the movies chosen? I will float a genre, topic or decade as a suggestion and get input from NAS. I’ll then choose two or more movies and put up a poll. The movie with the most votes will be available on the podcast feed Friday afternoon… or thereabouts.

Are the movies available forever? NO! I don’t want to have a copyright infringement issue going on here so I will only have the current film and last week’s feature in the podcast feed at any time. If you wish to archive the movies as they are released, you will have to figure out how to pull them from your podcast software and store them elsewhere. Hit up No Agenda Social for help if you need it.

The No Agenda Community is comprised of the highest quality people I could possibly imagine encountering EVER. I love you all! Keep being the best of the best!

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